Oryp5 Ultralight 5"

By TinysLEDs on Jul 19, 2020

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New Frame for Ultralight 5" By Tiny's LEDs. It is built for the CLRacing AIO BL32 20amp and the Heli-nation 20a 16x16 Stacks
135.75 Grams Dry
237.2 Grams AUW with 4s 850mah GNB battery.

Note: The Braces "appear" thin but they are 2mm x 4mm with a chamfer to create a spine effect for more durability.



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Insider46   Aug 06, 2020  

Cool build!! How did you solder the vtx to this board, 2 seperate pin headers maybe? Do you think this is also doable for the older nano vtx, with the half open solder pads? It's an interesting AIO board and thinking about buying one. Thanks in advance mate!! Happy flying.

TinysLEDs   Aug 06, 2020 

works great with both nano vtxs

Jodie Froster   Jul 20, 2020  

OMG SO DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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