By richrd on Jul 24, 2020

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Hi Guys,

This frame was designed as a cinematic/freestyle platform. It can mount a GoPro at the front and rear, and house just about any electronic, and carry up to 2250mah battery size for midrange action. For this build I wanted to max it out with a DJI, GPS, beeper, and Xfire.

Alt Tag There are two arm options - flat; for individual ESC mounting, and vert; for a 4in1. This build uses the vert arms and the convenient wire routing it offers. A flat arms motor wires can similarly be routed underneath the TPU component shelves. Heres a link to the assembly guide to avoid reposting all the steps.

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These are the components I have come to rely on:
RCinPower motors
Newbee 20x20 stack (plug and play with DJI)
Vista (12mm cable)
Crossfire Nano, with Immortal T
Matek GPS
Vifly buzzer (usually the smaller Hellgate, but theres room for the larger, lounder Vifly)

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First step is to mount the motors using the included 8mm bolts which are perfect with the 5mm carbon. Then as I am going to be using the RaceLites I direct soldered to the ESC with no regard for wire length.
You can see how the wires have been run up under the frame and pop out right next to the ESC.
I would also consider installing the ESC with heatsink face down. It leaves more room to pass wiring between the FC and ESC. Later on I had to detach the Vista cable and run in under the ESC - which works out as a neater solution, but is a bit fiddly.

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Next stick the TinysLEDs RaceLites or RaceWire on double sided tape and cut them out to stick on the arms. These were custom made for the vert arms which have a very narrow, flat profile.
I recommend tinning them before sticking them on the arm, preferably while all four are still on the roll of double sided tape.
Then cut some etape down the middle and wrap around solder points.

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This is when I realized I installed the ESC a different way than usuall. There was no room to run the FC wire between the stack so it went under.
Same with the DJI cam cable. Reconnecting it was tricky, but it looks clean.
Next step was the Vista. I have no idea why DJI decided m2 bolts were the best mounting holes for the heaviest vtx on the market, but unfortunately that means it wont sit directly on to the AirShots m3 20x20 point. No worries. A quick swap out from 14mm bolts to a flush 10mm, and some tape and zip ties and it secures nicely. For wiring, It requires soldering onto the unit itself but the main reason I choose the Newbee stacks is its 9v plug and play.
I was then planning on using an old Unify SMA pigtail, when I figured out I could just screw the Vista antenna adapter into the 3d print. I ended up using some screws from a recently stripped Hero 6. I hope Caddx will give an option of purchasing the longer antenna along with the Vista. I plan on replacing this shorter one.

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Next wire up the Crossfire RX
Then the Vifly. The cable to reach the B+ and B- were far too short, so had to be extended
Finally the GPS unit was installed to a couple spare uarts. The RX and TX wire and the Buzzer +/- wires were the only ones that ran between the stack.

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Enyo   19 days ago  

Love the frame design. This is definitely my next build with the new Karearea TAO turbine. I have some ideas. Hope it's available in Europe soon.

sloth   20 days ago  

What battery do you run and what are your flight times like?

richrd   20 days ago 

anything from 2250 4s for cruising at ~7 minutes, to 1250 and 1500 5s freestyle 3-5 minutes.

wobbleprop   21 days ago  

Looks great!! How much does it come out weighing?

richrd   21 days ago 

thanks! just under 400g as pictured in last photo. knock off a bit if you drop the buzzer, GPS and extra TPU prints (rear GPS/SMA, rear GoPro, and buzzer shelf).

wobbleprop   21 days ago 

Nice! How does it fly? You should share some footage sometime if you have any - would love to see it!

richrd   21 days ago 

does its job! everything posted from 2020 on my intagram is with the AirShot: https://www.instagram.com/richrd/

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