Armattan Gecko - Naked Caddx Vista / DJI

By 3DKwadz on Mar 08, 2021

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My Second Gecko Build after loosing the first, whoops.

This one is was designed arround a naked/stripped down Caddx Vista Unit.
Weight on the stripped Vista is ~18.4g, saving 11g compared to the ~28.4g full vista.

All 3d Print Parts are designed by me and available under:



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Ewiley   Sep 03, 2021  

Wow, how'd you get those solder joints on the ESC so clean and consistent?! Literally beautiful soldering work

3DKwadz   Sep 03, 2021 

Thank you very Much!

I don't really have a recipe to be honest, but from what I've learned it helps to apply lots of heat but only heat for a short amount of time.
This way everything will heat evenly, flow well and stay fluid during removal of the iron tip, and the solder wont have to stay fluid for long and possibly degrade.

You definitely don't want a tiny solder iron tip in that case as both thermal mass and surface area will help conduct more heat quickly.

jgrudnicki   Apr 11, 2021  

hello, what's the overall weight and the flight time?

3DKwadz   Apr 20, 2021 

Hey Man! Weight is definitely above 250, somewhere around 260-270ish if I recall correctly.
Flighttimes are heavily depending on how you fly, but they are rather short...
I'd say about 3 minutes of ripping.

szlats   Mar 13, 2021  

I love the rear mount! Nice work!

3DKwadz   Mar 14, 2021 

Thank you!

techguy1623   Mar 11, 2021  

Very Clean!! Did you remove the receiver from the caddx unit some how?

3DKwadz   Mar 11, 2021 

Thanks man!
Nope, I only removed the aluminum shell pieces from the vista unit, along with an absurd amount of that terrible blue thermal paste =D
The vista could still be used as a receiver with the dji remote, but i opted for adding a crossfire receiver because I run crossfire in all my quads...

techguy1623   Mar 11, 2021 

Thanks for the info - I was hoping I could ditch the receiver side on my vistas since I don't use them, oh well little extra weight doesn't bother me, but it would mount up better if it was smaller for sure.....

3DKwadz   Mar 12, 2021 

You can still get a smaller stack height by removing the shields and moving the the two pcbs closer together, so there is still some size benefit! =)

Removing them also reveals a second set of whoop sizes mounting holes, that makes the vista stack perfectly with aio woop boards.
I used this on a geprc phantom build, and the total stack height (aio and vista) ist just 17mm and sits comfortably in the 20mm high frame.
Heres a picture of what the stack looks like

daich   Mar 10, 2021  

fyi, I was told by armattan that those rear prints that sit between the bolt and carbon void the warranty. they processed the warranty anyway but just a heads up.

3DKwadz   Mar 10, 2021 

Thanks for the heads up, man!
I wasn't aware this is a concern, but now that I know I might redesigning the rear parts to avoid this =)

That being said, I never managed to break anything other than the camera cage so far so fingers crossed

FlashyFPV   Mar 08, 2021  

Nice work with the 3d prints they look great - are they TPU? What brand of material is it? Cheers FlashyFPV

3DKwadz   Mar 08, 2021 

Thank you very much sir! Yes it's tpu! Parts are printed from recreus filaflex 82A in their pinkish color. Really like the filament as it is ez to print and rather squishy and shock absorband!

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