By kera on Jul 29, 2020

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aroundaverage   11 days ago  

A Pro32 Nano? No, this is unacceptable. You should have put an actual Rush Tiny Tank.

Just kidding - it's quite unique and awesome

kera   8 days ago 

Thanks! Sorry that🤣

ledimestari   14 days ago  

Seems like a fun idea! Something different for once :)
Does the flight time suffer much from that extra weight?

kera   11 days ago 

It doesn't suffer much from weight.Because the disassembled RC tank parts are very light😉

Jayembee67   17 days ago  

This is extremely impressive. How are you switching control between the whoop and the tank? Are you using a second radio for the tank?

kera   15 days ago 

Two FCs bind to one radio. It is switched by setting the arm switch alternately on one channel

Jayembee67   15 days ago 

Brilliant! This is so great. :-)

Jodie Froster   17 days ago  

This is fun, what a good idea :)

kera   17 days ago 


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