GEPRC Cygnet 3 Crossfire Edition

By Werdna FPV on Aug 01, 2020

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210 grams, TBS Crossfire, Runcam Split Mini 2 (1080p60), 6 minutes flight time

Took the time over this long weekend to upgrade my old GEPRC Cygnet 3 to a proper micro long range beast until I get enough time and money to build a larger LR quad. Here is a video of my first Crossfire test - a full list of the upgrades from stock that made it better for me are included below.

GEPRC Pagoda SMA Antenna --> Foxeer Lollipop 3 UFL
The stock antenna is a screw-on SMA, requires a bulky and heavy UFL to SMA connector, and doesn't even give that good a video signal. So I wwapped it out for a Foxeer Lollipop 3 UFL that connects directly to the VTX, and is secured with a zip tie. This saves at least 5 grams, and moves the active element of the antenna above the battery line, which is great for a clear video signal! Video is crystal clear all the way to 500 metres out. There's a bit of breakup beyond that.

Frsky XM+ --> TBS Crossfire Nano RX
I kept getting random failsafes on the XM+ at about 400 metres out, with no obstacles in between, and the antennas mounted sensibly. Finally junked it and put in CRSF for so much more peace of mind - went for my first test today flying 500 metres out and the RSSI remained at 97 :D Also I love the sweet compact Immortal T antenna mount provided by Taco RC!! Everything fits inside perfectly ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The best LiPo: Tattu 650mah 4S (INCREDIBLY LIGHT)
This insane light battery gives plenty of amps when I push the throttle to climb high during a long range mission. What's crazy is the energy density - it weighs the same as my Turnigy 700mah 3S cells but contains 24% more mah. On the quad, the total flying weight is a featherlight 210 grams - way below illegal in my country. I can fly for over 6 minutes at a constant cruising speed of 60km/h and then land at 3.7V per cell. It's really insane. It's not quite as good at Li-Ion but really allows for higher amp draw without damaging the cells.



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Sasquads   10 days ago  

I always fly mine on 4s Tattu 850 mah
It can easily carry it and will give you more flight time.
I think for cruising only, you could even go up to 1000 mah

Werdna FPV   10 days ago 

Good point... I'll get some 1000mah Lipos to test! What flight time do you get on 850mah?

Sasquads   10 days ago 

cruising 6 minutes
freestyling 4 minutes
but I have power hungry motors

Werdna FPV   10 days ago 

I was thinking maybe 1404 is the best for cruising.

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