Tyro69 Quick 'n Dirty

By Markus on Aug 01, 2020

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Repaired Tyro69 with new camera and canopy made of soft styrofoam.
For additional stack rigidness added top layer made of credit card plastic.
Rubber bands to keep it together.
Later added 2 matches at the top to protect VTX antenna. Red heat-shrinks for extra style points.



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Jodie Froster   10 days ago  

I like your material/fitment choices! First time i've seen someone use a credit card, makes sense in this covid-influenced economy ;) ;)
Good job with the foam, I would want a 3d printed part there, but because i'm used to thinking that way. Your foam is likely a better solution. Holding your cam angle may require some hot glue, but maybe not.
Nice work.
p.s. if you crash and spin onto concrete or brick, striking one of those matches, and have a tiny heart attack, but then see that it's fine... PLEASE tell me about it, I love stuff like that

Markus   10 days ago 

Hi, thank you for your comment.
I had 3d printed canopy before, but it brake after crash. I have limited access to spare parts so I was really trying to protect electronics with soft material. For now it handled few crushes very well. Also I carved a niche for the camera in the foam so it keeps camera angle very well, but thanks for suggestion of hot glue, it can make it more robust.
To be honest I hesitated to post my made-of-garbage drone on this website, since there are so many glassy shiny beautiful copters. But your benevolent comment made my day. Thank you!

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