TWIG Mutant 4 - ultralight

By virtual_stephen on Aug 03, 2020

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Had a TWIG Mutant 4 frame sitting around for ages and finally mustered some energy to build it.

Goal - ultralight basic freestyler.

The BetaFPV 20A board was used and initially I had HQ 4x2.5x2 props. These deflected easily at anything over 1/4 throttle and created an ungodly screaming noise but almost no useful power. Scrapped the HQs and moved to Gemfan 4023 tri-blades and suddenly the performance is there and the screaming is only a (horrible) memory.

Flight is fun, punchy and floaty. I managed a 63A current draw with a Turnigy Graphene 1000Mah 4S on a particularly aggressive punch and the results were hilarious, yet perfectly smooth. Running this on BetaFlight 4.2 with filter sliders all to the right, a little gain reduction and JESC-based RPM filtering. 125g dry weight and more power than most heavy 3" builds.... It's fun and should probably only be flown in large spaces with a 50 degree camera tilt :-)

On another note - this is my first Oversky receiver having normally flown exclusively on Frsky XM+ before. I am getting great range and the fport output is not inverted so it can be connected to any TX port on the FC, will be moving all my models to these in future.

VTX is the eachine nano - tiny one without mounting hardware - I had one lying around and it seems to only work on softserial. Eachine Nano also gets really hot, it stops working after 15-20s on the bench which makes configuring the camera a pain. I got out a bunch of PC case fans to cool the VTX whilst configuring it and setting up the camera. Luckily this is the last such VTX I have, they were a poor purchase. Probably a heatsink would improve them immensely and I have some small heatsinks too but with no means to attach the heatsink it's pretty much useless.

Canopy is the PicklePod for the PickleBig frame - version with AXII and RX antennas.

Battery strap is a 15x200mm strap from HGLRC. RJX also make this size - perfect for smaller quads. The battery strap and silicone matt probably adds 5g+ of the total weight but I wouldn't trust the quad without a good strap.


Part List



Flight Controller

BetaFPV Toothpick F4 V3 2-4S AIO Whoop Flight Controller w/ 20A 4in1 ESC - XT30 (15 builds)


4 x 1505 3600KV Brushless Motors (9 builds)


Gemfan Hurricane 4023 Durable Tri-Blade 4" Prop 4 Pack (5mm & 1.5mm Mounting) - Choose Your ColorPink (7 builds)

FPV Camera

Caddx Baby Ratel Starlight HDR 1200TVL Nano FPV Camera (1.8mm) - Yellow (16 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Eachine NANO VTX 5.8GHz 48CH 25/100/200/400mW Switchable FPV Transmitter Support OSD/Pitmode/IRC Tramp (49 builds)


URUAV Micro UXII Stubby RHCP Mini FPV Antenna 1.6dBi 5.8Ghz U.FL IPEX IPX For FPV Racing Drone (14 builds)


Oversky XR602T-F2 16CH SBUS Micro Mini RC Receiver 2KM Range Double Antenna Compatible FrSky D16


Gaoneng GNB 14.8V 750mAh 80C 4S XT30 Plug Lipo Battery for RC Drone (9 builds)

3D Printed

PickleBig : 4inch & 5 inch toothpick quadcopter frame by ledroneclub (9 builds)
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Misc Parts

RC Remote Control Truggy Antenna Pipe Yellow Cap Receiver Aerial Tube Yellow x 5 5055681313258 (2 builds)

Misc Parts

Tesa 51608 PET Fleece Fabric Tape Insulating Wire Harness Tape Cotton Tape (15mm x 15m) (2 builds)

Misc Parts

RJXHOBBY 4pcs 250x30mm FPV Silicon Anti-Slip Mat Battery Adhesive Tape for FPV Racing Drone
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