By le_vinsky on Aug 06, 2020

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Nothing special. I just wanted a freshly built, brushed whoop to compare it to a brushless one. And I think I like brushed whoops more for indoor flying. It's 36.6 grams dry which is around 8 grams more than my 75mm brushless build. But there is something in it's throttle response that makes it more fun to fly around my house. It's not as crazy fast and easier to control. I don't need speed because I don't fly fast. It's more fun for me to hit gaps, fly through the forrest of chairs' legs, under the tables, around lamps, along bookshelves. It's easier for me to do with a brushed ''whoop".
Anyone else still flies brushed whoops?



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DrewFPV   Aug 06, 2020  

I have two brushed tiny whoops

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