Primo LITE - 65mm 1S

By afuscozx on Aug 07, 2020

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Took a Primo 65mm frame and dropped as much weight as I could by removing the fc mounting tpu, and skeletonizing the canopy with some flush cutters. Salvaged the motors and fc from an old Eachine Trashcan, and used a small lightweight aio cam/vtx to save weight and space.
Used a spare 2.4ghz anenna and wired it up to use the spi reciever to improve the overall range, without going to an external rx.
The motors were soldered directly to the fc becasue the fc sits so low now.
The XT30 is not really needed, but it was leftover from the Trashcan, and I didnt have a solid pin PH2.0 connector.
Pyrodrone 65mm props to fit the 1mm shaft, and a rubber band to retain the battery.

Dry Weight: 29.4g

To my surprise, this build actually flys extremely well. I am using Betaflight 4.2.0 with 48KHz esc firmware and rpm filtering.
Because the camera is so low, the props are in view, but its not so distracting, and I quickly forget about them when this thing gets going.
For a 1s, its rather quick and I get a good 5mins of spirited flying on a 450mah GNB battery.



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spaces   Aug 13, 2020  

Design is amazing and all the features in it is also so great which is attractive happy wheels

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