6s 4" KababFPV Flouride

By attackthedefault on Aug 07, 2020

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Warning these motors will slip a bell if you look at them wrong. They fly great but handle crashes like glass just be warned. I may do a new rotorbuilds page with a new set of motors hopefully more build friendly too we'll see.

Here's a single HD 525mah 6s flight with DVR the flouride handles as smooth as butter although i can't say thatnof myself

I'll post a cli dump after work today and add notes as pictures as i get more time



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Carbonglassman   Dec 06, 2020  

What LEDs are you using on the arms?

attackthedefault   18 days ago 

flywoo 10mm race wire

daich   Aug 13, 2020  

looking forward to that cli dump

last few builds i've been getting wobbles that I couldn't get rid of. Hoping this frame doesn't have it. Kabab's last few vids on this frame still has some bobbles though but you're looks like it's flying smooth!

attackthedefault   Aug 22, 2020 

I'll post the dump today after work

attackthedefault   Aug 22, 2020 

i posted the diff all into the youtube video description so it doesn't clutter the rotorbuilds page. I use pid profile 3

QCumberCool   Aug 11, 2020  

i like your battery configuation. so you are running 6s on 2 3s batteries? i want to do something similar but run them in parallel to just have a bigger battery since i have a ton for a smaller quad. why are you doing it this way instead using a 6s battery?

attackthedefault   Aug 22, 2020 

either works well i just have 6s capable parts so went 6s,😁

jdmkramer   Aug 08, 2020  

Great build pics. I'm in love with these motors too! Looks like it flies very nice :)

attackthedefault   Aug 09, 2020 

Thanks these things really have been the first set of motors were I was really taken back by how noticeable the difference was!

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