Cineratty fatty

By gvngoheavy on Aug 07, 2020

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Could have sworn I already made this build on here, but I cant find it now. Oh well.

So far this is my only gopro/one r capable rig. I fully believe that 30-40g action cameras are the future of fpv filming, but thats not the current reality so until those cameras are more reliable and capable this quad is my main setup.



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anubushman   22 days ago  

Sweet build man! Could I know how you secured the back screw for the gopro mount? Have been trying to figure this one out

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gvngoheavy   17 days ago 

No worries, this community is all about sharing and learning! Ive been kind of frustrated with this chassis setup tbh. The front 20x20 mount is too far from the sma mount to use it, and if you use the standoff it negates the ability to run a 20x20 at all. Doesnt make much sense. I havent seen much in the way of conflict between camera and 20x20 board though. Honestly Im really starting to think the best build for this would be to run one of those new f7 or h7 aio whoop boards in the back position with the vtx stacked either under or over it and leave the front 20x20 section entirely empty.

anubushman   11 days ago 

You're probably right about the aio f7 boards. Where did you end up placing your vtx? I have mine jammed between the fpv camera and the back 20x20 but it seems to be touching the top of the FC. Def is a frustrating chassis layout lol.

gvngoheavy   11 days ago 

Welp, I ended up following through on my ideas of a whoop board. the CLracing 20a f7 blheli32 board is in the mail right now. Ill be putting the rx and tbs pro32 nano vtx direct soldered to that board in the back with a rush cherry antenna directly to the vtx instead of an sma extension. We shall see how that goes.

Mikerossi   Aug 24, 2020  

Hi mate, could I know what are you filtering and pids?
I just finished building it and I just did a test fly for like 20 seconds and the motors are burning hot.
Xing 1507 2800kv
Im using 6s 1300mha( I know its super heavy) but should be fine as would be even heavier with a gopro 8 and 6s 850mha

gvngoheavy   30 days ago 

Just posted a couple screenshots of my setup on the software side. One big thing that helped me was going to auto motor timing in blheli32.

Mikerossi   30 days ago 

hey! thanks a lot for that, yeah I did that yesterday, and I limited the power output to 70% and its running ok now, but I havent tested with the Gopro yet, I have the exact same build so, I will try your settings and if my mottors are still not, then I will have to buy the same props 😬😬

thanks again.

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