Diatone 180 Rebuild

By moxfpv on Aug 09, 2020

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This was my first 4s build back in 2016, I had transferred all the guts to a shendrones tweaker, I had the frame on my wall and decided to look for some spare parts to put it back together. The motors are dys 1806 2300kv, the props are gemfan winddancer 4" 4032's, the esc's are 10amp sunrise cicada. The PDB is an older one from HGLRC which has the built in OSD, however I am using the one in the Foxeer Micro Arrow instead, the OSD on the Omnibus FC doesnt work. For the vtx I had a Eachine VTX03, and for the receiver I was hoping to find an XM+ but only found an XM in my junk box. The front standoffs are different from the kit they are round which work well with the tpu mount for the cam.



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miromir237   Aug 14, 2020  

One of my early frames. I quite liked it.

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