GnarlyFPV Guppy V3

By fiveseven808 on Aug 10, 2020

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So I started building this with the intention of just trying it out and then dissassembling to use its parts on other builds.... but then it sort of evolved into something more awesome.

The reason why the motor wires are so horribly run is primarily due to that reasoning... I wanted connectors because I expected to move the motors... and the wires are left looong because I was going to throw the motors on a toothpick or something.

I have a few things to note in this build

  • A smaller Nano camera must've been in mind for the designer of this frame.. The Baby Ratel barely fits and squishes up against the FC, zero room for a VTx.
  • Connectors are a bad idea LOL. There just isn't enough space for camera and motor connectors... This was a horrible decision on my part, but I made it work
  • 0803 motors are perfect for this build. 11XX motors are just too big and heavy IMO.
  • I really should trim those stack screws... I got lazy and it worked haha.
  • I LOVE the new 3d printed rear antenna holder and the new camera holder. Way more modern than the older V1/V2 versions, way more functional. I've had my antenna chewed up with the old V2
  • I probably built this thing "wrong" by squishing an Rx and VTx above the FC, but I made it work :D

This thing is super cool! I need to finish tuning it though. I do the KababFPV thing and just try differnet firmware/preset tunes. Right now I'm on EmuFlight and will post back when I get results!



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Jodie Froster   Aug 10, 2020  

Those screws might "clatter" against your top plate, are you having any weird noises, or quirky behavior from your FC?

fiveseven808   Aug 10, 2020 

Nah, the screws are actually tensioned against the top plate. Someone mentioned it might transfer vibrations to the FC but I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary yet. I'll try to get some blackbox data later today to see if there's some anti-dampening going on.

Jodie Froster   Aug 10, 2020 

Well that is what I was thinking too, gyro noise. If it's not "flying funny" than I wouldn't sweat it either.

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