5” 6S Vivid DJI Freestyle Quad

By DadFPV on Aug 20, 2020

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After flying micros and tiny whoops for a few months (and having tons of fun with those), I decided to build a 5”.

I went with the NewBeeDrone Vivid frame mostly due to the solid way the air unit mounts and my generally favorable impression of NewBeeDrone. I don't plan on mounting a GoPro, so the fact that this frame allows front-mounting of the DJI Air Unit to balance out the weight of the battery in the back is great. Plus I like the look of the front-facing video antennas.

Some very minor quibbles with the Vivid frame:

  • Spacing between the air unit and my particular ESC/FC stack is a bit tight due to the camera cable leaving the air unit on that side, but it's workable.
  • 3D printed parts are functional and sturdy, but print quality could IMO be a bit better.

I'm running Betaflight 4.2 and used the method described by UAV Tech in his slider tuning video, which very quickly got me to a pretty good tune (with some manual / non-slider adjustment for just the yaw axis).

Thanks to the members of the FPV quad community (big & small) that advanced this hobby to the current state, and are continuing to advance it.


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tobeabird1969   16 days ago  

do you find the balance to be good with TX up

DadFPV   16 days ago 

Yes, balance is great with the air unit in front and battery towards the back.

tobeabird1969   16 days ago 

thank you for your

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