3inch HD freestyle fun < 250g

By Felias on Aug 25, 2020

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I wanted to try to build a freestyle frame that stayed below the 250g limit, yet is as much fun as possible. When looking at the available frames, i couldn't find what i was looking for - a frame looking similar to an 3" version of the popular Marmotte-frame. Prepared for a 20x20mm dual stack build, as low in height as possible. So i designed one myself, which you can see in this build. I either will upload the files to Thingiverse, or make this frame available for purchase.

It is flying really amazing, especially now with Emuflight. Highly suggested for all frames 5" and below.
In the pictures you can see the buzzer. This was removed in the latest version, i'll update some nicer pics later on, as well as videos as they come.



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virtual_stephen   26 days ago  

The 3D-printed parts holding the camera look very useful. Please post the STLs for these on Thingiverse if you are happy to share!

Felias   21 days ago 

Hi Stephen! Sure, i'll try to upload them there. It's just that I've made many changes since then, also added an Immortal T mount to it. I've also changed the motors to more powerful onces so i can carry a GoPro Session as well. Will post this as a different build though (and above 250g of course with the session).

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