Kwadkarl Twiglet with RotoriousFPV R-Spec prototype 1204 5000kv

By daich on Sep 07, 2020

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testing out some RotoriousFPV prototype motors - 1204 5000kv single piece bell and super smooth and efficient. fit and finish is top notch and they look so good. super impressed!

here im using one of my original twiglet frames. at 2mm its super light but might be a bit thin for 1204s there is a new version with stronger wrists and other variois tweaks

maiden flights without gopro

gopro lite flights



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saahbs   16 days ago  

Nice build - how much does it weight without gopro and how long are your flights??

daich   13 days ago 

68g without battery pack
with 3s 450mah im getting just under seven minutes of acrobatic flying! check out the first video link. for some reason there isnt a thumbnail

Whiffles   17 days ago  

Pretty neat that you can get the GoPro on a canopy like that, but it's a bit tall. Just gotta watch your gaps.

daich   17 days ago 

yeah, you can feel it in the air too...a bit wonky. i think a horizontal 360 go is probably more suitable...but the flight time of this one is too insane for it.

pennielarsen   18 days ago  

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daich   17 days ago 

see, told you i was right

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