igow2 victim

By daich on Sep 03, 2020

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here is a build for some of the upcoming igow challenges that will need 2s powa
a bit piggy but seems to fly ok
canopy can attach a insta360 go if I'm feeling HD
would like to have used a 85x frame and gone 2" but this frame was a buck and i had the rest of the parts on me (currently abroad so have limited access to my usual parts)

with gopro lite (30g)



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Mafaku   22 days ago  

That looks like the Picklepod canopy for insta360 go. The print looks really nice. What material and process did you use to print it? I just tried the same pod done in SLS TPU - looks nice but it came out too soft and I get jello in my FPV because the cam is, well, secured by jello :P

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Mafaku   17 days ago 

Hey man, Jawstec just wrote to tell me they're out of Nylon 11 :(
Are you pleased with the Nylon 12 material? I want to make sure it's flexible enough that squeezing the camera in there is not an issue, and that it can take crashes without snapping. Did you modify the Picklepod design at all to account for the stiffer material? Thanks!!

daich   17 days ago 

I'm pretty happy with it. it's the picklepod straight off of thingiverse. In my other build i had assembled everything and forgot to put in the camera first haha, so I was able to flex it enough to put in a racer nano from the front hole, so yeah, it's still got enough flex in it. Haven't had any hard crashes yet to say much about the durability but it feels hardy enough

Mafaku   16 days ago 

Thanks for that vote of confidence. I'll go with nylon 12. Too bad we won't learn anything about nylon 11...

DrewFPV   22 days ago  

What motors are you using? It seems kind of heavy for such a tiny quad.

daich   22 days ago 

ah they are the skystars 1103 11,000kv yeah its heavy but seems to fly great. of course 85x frame and 2" props will be better but this is flying great for now
Actually had another 75mm build that I stuck a insta360 go to - it was lighter, with 1102 10,000kv motors but it didn't handle nearly as nice as this one.

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