R3D Mob 6

By fiveseven808 on Aug 30, 2020

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When I want to fly indoors, this speed demon is what I reach for.

There may be lighter quads, there may be faster quads, but this one is mine ;)
I've had this frame the longest, and it's the most destroyed (and re-melted lol). But it still flies well and keeps taking hits!

I don't mind taking this quad everywhere I go.
I can use 600mah batteries for 5 minute flight times.
I can fly it outdoors in moderate winds with the quad blades and 25000kv motors.
I can fly it after sunset with the Caddx Ant.
I can do all the things with this whoop.

If you want to replicate this build, note that you will need the "longer" Zerograv75 camera head from R3DShifters. The stock Zerograv camera head is too short to accomodate the Caddx Ant with it's rear connectors.

The quad blades paired with the 25000kv motors are a battery killer. Even reducing idle down to nothing (0.25%) still makes the quad skid around when arming.

But man, this thing is fun.

Edit 9/7/20: Went a different direction, replaced the camera with a Foxeer Pico Razer since it fit better in the stock mount without removing the Ant's connectors, and replaced the motors with 17500kv onsies and 1.2x3 Azi props. Thing flies amazing, even outdoors in the wind!



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