GEPRC MK4 knockoff

By SD_AE86 on Aug 31, 2020

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So after 5 months of waiting and battling with a certain company overseas & despite different fake "tracking" numbers I was given.....out of the blue a suprise shows up in my mail box....and no it wasnt mysterious seeds in a postmarked package from hongkong...but the $40 spare flight controller& esc for my tyro 129s...never again ordering from dangboog....

Anyhow decided to try and build a cheap 5", 4s powered freestyle midrange rig with this tyro flight controller that can carry a action camera & had GPS.... this time im ordering parts from reliable sources and folks with the best customer service around... good ol amazon prime and Race Day Quads...

I understand with that with the choice selection of parts in this build, I am sure many people will scoff at these questionable parts....but this quad doesnt need to be fast, just needs to be fun and a good training experience without breaking the wallet...

Browsing through amazon, I was amazed at the plethora of knockoff/rebranded alternatives..

First the basis of our project...An exact GEPRC MK4 frame clone for $30 (unmarked without the GEPRC logo).......has pretty thick 4mm arms and the same exact hardware that came on my real OG Geprc MK4 frame.....seems are to the T , exact and verified as interchangeable.

Next a budget powertrain... found a set of these AKK 2205 2300 kv motors that appears to rebranded emax rs motors. The messy windings and housing seem to be identical....and rotating them gives the same feel in smoothness....we will see if this turns into a flaming ball in the sky... these are super inexpensive got a full set for the price of one brother hobby motor..These will be soldered to some Tinysleds Racelites once they they are a tad short with the stock leads.

For VTX duties, a Race ranger 1000mw is mounted on the rear stack...I used these several times my other builds with zero issues other than they a little thick and occupy a lot of room in the build space. It is also direct plug and play for Tyro129 FCs with no repinning.

RX being utilized is a Frsky R9mm ota, the range this gives paired with a R9M Lite Pro module on 1W is excellent...

I also built a 3d printer to begin experimenting with printing my own TPU parts & have been pulling my hair out working out the bugs...but found some files on thingiverse and did a little tweaking to the designs and added a GPS tray for BN 880, a "T " antenna mount & a rear mount for the SMA connections on the rear standoffs... I really dont know what Im doing in autodesk & CAD so I currently have a work bench full failed prints and a house filled with the smell of melted plastic fumes.

Will post some video of the inital test flight after the weekend...

Edit 9/6

Finally Tested today in 115 degree SoCAL heat.... Got about 5-6 minutes of semi spirited flying... More and more I like dalprop cyclones, they are really quiet props compared to HQ props (which sound like a kid with ADHD & kazoo...
No death rolls so but with the stock beta flight pids, quite a bit of jitters at the end of stick movement and my action camera footage had more jiggles than Vegas stripper.

The motors for $31 bucks are fine and were only mildy warm after 4 packs. The itty bitty Foxeer micro lollipop is a suprising good Antenna for its size, I will be using these more on future builds.. This would definitely benefit from a higher kv motors, but 2300 is fine for cruising and some light freestyle... dont expect a rocket ship punch outs from these motors.

The LEDs are the RGB sidefire racewires from Tinysleds the best folks out there to light up your quad.



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JC250   18 days ago  

how did the motors end up handling after some time?

SD_AE86   Sep 12, 2020 

Thanks Ty for your awesome products!

Top notch service!!!

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