Apex HD

By Ikuiku on Aug 30, 2020

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This is probbaly one of the cleanest builds I've done to date. I had alot of fun trying to route the wires nice and tidy. My only gripe about this build is the frame, for paying 90+ dollars I had to sand down all the edges with wetsand paper. I would figure paying for a premium frame it would come finsihed. Aslo I need to do something about the 10g battery pad it came with. I flew it today and I am really pleased with the performace and it is getting 3-4 minutes on a 1300-1500mah 4s battery.

9/1 bought some Ummagrip made for the Apex frame and lost 3g over the origial battery pad. It's alot stickier than the stock one and does't smell like a car tire :)



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hazriq   3 days ago  

Kindly please check your inbox

hazriq   3 days ago  

Hi sir, mind to share 3d print file for xt60 holder and powercap holder? looks clean!

tobeabird1969   12 days ago  

a couple before questions but first super clean build ..
I am going to be using dji controller and goggles but had a question about the TBS Crossfire Nano RX - FPV Long Range Drone Receiver
is that usable with those items also I'm using the newbeedrone fc/sc hope this question makes sense

Ikuiku   12 days ago 

Thanks! As long as the Newbeedrone FC has two open UARTS on the flight controller you can use TBS crossfire and the DJI system. If you are not sure look up the wiring diagram of the Newbeedrone flight controller and you will be able to tell how many UARTS it has.

aroundaverage   24 days ago  

Use some Ummagrip Lite?

Anyway, looks amazing!

Ikuiku   24 days ago 

I had some Ummagrip lite but it wasn't thick enough. The tops screws were poking out so the battery would rest on the screws. I ended up buying the ummagrip made for the Apex and I lost 3g it's better than nothing. Thanks though!

Whiffles   26 days ago  

Nice work! That looks fantastic!

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