Balanced 3-inch

By LukeS on Sep 10, 2020

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Balanced 3 inch build: more speed and throw than a toothpick; more agile, less expensive and more durable than a 250g racer. 3s to enable series charging in the field. A 100µF smd cap is mounted at the xt30 plug. For the stack I used m2x16 screws.

Using deals & coupons, most components can be had for less than listed here. I am most impressed by the stiffness of the frame, consireding it is a cheap no-name part.

I switched to reusable zip-ties for mounting the battery. The included strap is not the best. As the 650mah battery is wider, it is better to to use two zip-ties and do not use the slots in the frame.

I tried other propellers as well: The HQ t3x3x2 does not have enough control and the HQ t3x1.8x3 is a little weak, but great for more control in tighter spaces.



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Warrono   Oct 06, 2020  

Im tryna design a simmilar frame. What is the width of those arms?

LukeS   Oct 11, 2020 

The arms are 7mm wide. On the innermost ~7mm they widen to about 13mm. Their weakest point is at the inner motor holes.

Chrswn   Sep 14, 2020  

im working on a similar set up, but im using the 6000kv version with a 3s 650mah-850mah, a 20x20 stack, and airblade ex frame. 84g dry. I like the airblade ex frame, but not sure itll handle a crash with an auw of 130ish grams. So, I'll probably swap it out, but its very quick.

Sasquads   Sep 10, 2020  

Nice build. I have a set of those motors lying around and my toothpick is somewhere in water.
So that frame is strong? Flies nice.
Seems a good idea...

LukeS   Sep 11, 2020 

The frame is surprisingly stiff. But everything else about is is nothing special: The cut edges are not deburred and the canopy print quality is mediocre. But it works, so whatever.

The motors are not taxed by this setup at all. They get barely warm. So I think they would be a great choice on 4s as well. This is no surprise as they are quite large compared to the usual toothpick motors: 75% larger than 1204s and 28.5% larger than 1404s by stator volume. So they are quite powerful (and therefore amp hungry). My GNB 3s 520mAh batteries drop below 3.3v per cell on a punchout immediately after takeoff...

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