By Coolbird on Sep 10, 2020

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This is my Hyperlite Floss lite 3.0, I want to build something light and agile, I looked at parts for a week and decided on them. The mamba stack was cheap but it has everything I needed on it. I loved the original phoenix 2 camera so I got the Phoniex 2 nano. The Rush Tank 20x20 is the best VTX for the money in my opinion it's not cheap but worth it. The props are the Special Edition Vanover props there good with speed and turning, they are also very durable. The motors are the Hyperlite 2205.5 2522kv, They matched the colors I wanted and are the perfect motors for this build. I have a Frsky qx7 so I went with the xm+ receiver, It's cheap and it works as it should.
The RaceDayQuads battery is a 4 cell, 1500mah lipo It gives me a lot of time and speed, it is the best battery I have used. You can use a 1300 mah battery too if you want to make it lighter but it drains the battery much quicker. There were a couple of problems making this drone one of the biggest is that the stack uses m2 screws and the frame uses m3 screws, If you put an m2 nut on the bottom on the m2 screw it works perfectly with m2 screws. The other problem is that the receiver cant fit on top of the stack so, you have to mount it onto the top plate but, it is not that big of a deal for me just add a little more wire to the receiver so you can open the top plate easy.



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