Cloud Sakurawhoop 149

By SD_AE86 on Sep 12, 2020

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Seeing how much fun I have taking videos with my mavic mini & flying at ramming speed through things with my Trashcan whoop, why not build a bigger Cinewhoop.

Since the Cloud 149 V2 came out, I'm digging the re-designed frame as the ducts are no longer in view on the fpv cam. The previous version made the FPV view give you a claustrophobic feel that looked like you were flying your quad through the slits in your neighbors fence, or like you were peeping through a keyhole. Luckily Amazon has this available for $38 bucks with a 2 day delivery time..... suck on that banggood with your 4 month wait.. yes Im still bitter.

Going with what I've had success with so far in my newb fpv quad building adventure, I opted for another cheap iflight stack, Succex-e mini, paired with my favorite budget HD camera, the runcam split 3 mini. Shoots only in 1080p but upscaling to 4k in video editing software makes it look decent.

Motor duty for slow cruising are the GEPRC Speed x 1408 3500kv, hopefully this gives some decent flight characteristics along with flight times by pairing with the new gemfan 5 bladed props designed for ducts. Thanks Racedayquads you fellas are awesome....
1000 Mw Akk VTX handles the video paired with my Frsky R9mm OTA Rx
and for Ghits & Shiggles a BN 180 GPS module for when I get ballsy and want to send this thing to its doom, I can have its last known coordinates for the long walk of shame.

Putting the items together was straight forward, brushed on solder-through silicone conformal coating to waterproof this rig...using a UV flashlight allows you to see if you coated the electronics properly, as it will show a jiz stain white coating if done properly.

Will test flight tomorrow if the air conditions get better, due to the wildfires in my socal area its snowing ash...



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