iFlight Titan DC2 Caddx Vista

By jehe79 on Sep 13, 2020

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Garden racer
Since I moved to HD I havn't really had a good garden racer. I thought I'd use my analog 2.5" for quick sends around the garden, but no - with the taste of HD the analog quads stayed grounded.
My 3 inch 4S is just a bit too quick and heavy for garden flying, so I had to build something smaller and lighter.

After looking at all possible frames I finally decided to go for the iFlight Titan DC2. It would take 2.5" props, had plenty of space and additional ducts for flying indoors (but the ducts didn't last more than one flight) ...

Custom parts
Since I wanted to use custom parts I had to design and print different mounts.
The flight controller / AIO is a standard whoop size FC but the frame uses 20x20 or 30x30. Easily solved with some spacers.
I didn't want to mount the Vista in the FC stack since it would add gyro noise. Instead it's screwed into fixings in the top plate.

3D-printed parts can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4594925

Yes this thing flies! It's a bit heavy compared to my analog 2.5" but this performs great. If I'd change anything I'd choose higher KV motors. It's a bit slow on the punch, but that's compared to my hysterical 3" and a 5".
I get around 4 to 5 minutes of somewhat aggressive flying on a 3S 450mAh which is quite good in my opinion.

First flights:

Quad is running Betaflight 4.2 with JESC 48kHz firmware and bidirectional dshot.

Gyro 1.5
D term 1.4
Dyn notch width 0
Dyn Notch Q 250
Dyn notch min 90
Dyn notch max 300

PD Balance 1.5
P and D gain 1.2
Other defaults



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