Digimix 6s

By SlightlyScratchedCorolla on Sep 14, 2020

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I've flown an analog remix for a while. It is my favorite frame to fly. However, it was a very tight build even I used a FC/VTX AIO board and a 4-in-1 ESC, so I never thought it's digital viable.

It turns out it can fit in a 20x20 stack and a caddx vista with no problem, you do need the 12cm coaxial cable, and turn the esc 90degree. I put a small piece of ummagrip under the vista unit and secured it with two zip ties (like mounting an Air unit without TPU parts). Those camera spacers from the catalyst machineworks banggod fit perfectly for the digital camera on the Remix.

Maidened today, it flies pretty good with 4.2 stock pids and rpm filtering. I only had experience with HD micros and cinewhoop, flying 5" in HD is a even better sensation.

First time trying these Xing-e. They are smoother than the emax eco on my analog remix, feel similar to the $20 emax pulsar I have on my other quad. My only concern is this small ESC. Although it's rated 40A, but with a 740g AUW, wish me luck.

(Those arm bumpers are supposed to be installed another way around as motor soft mount but I dislike soft mounting motors so they are just bumpers)



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