Lumenier QAV-R 2 Deadcat 6S HD (Odin)

By Huginn FPV on Sep 15, 2020

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Lumenier QAV-R 2 Deadcat 6S HD (Odin)

Summer 2020 Build
The purpose of this build was to have a mid-range cinematic cruiser, with the ability to do freestyle moves but not a basher.
I use the QAV-R 2 Freestyle Frame for my main 5” freestyle rig, the dead cat frame came out in the summer of 2020 and I wanted to make a fast quad that can complement my cinewhoops.
This was the first build I used the Caddx Vista vs the DJI Air Unit and I really impressed with the vista.
I did change out the props from the Gemfan Floppy proppy to the HQProp because they did not lock into the Popo shaft. I am new to Popo so it may have been my mistake I will edit the post if I find out different information or list it in the comments.
I wanted to use the carbon fiber side mounts and still lock the caddx vista camera to the flight angle. I made a grove in the carbon fiber to allow the standoff camera holder to hold the camera and still have the side plates.

Frame: QAV-R 2 Deadcat 6”
Flight Controller: HOBBY WING XROTOR FC F4 G3
Motors: Lumenier ZIP 2407 1700kv POPO Pro Motor
Propellers: HQProp DP 6X3.5X3 PC
FPV Camera: Caddx Vista 12mm cable

3D Printed:
Lumenier QAV-R 2 DJI XT60 Harness Mount (Getfpv)
Lumenier QAV-R 2 & QAV-CINE GoPro Hero 8 Mount Yellow (Brain3D)
Lumenier QAV-R 2 Antenna Mounts Black (Brain3d)

Wt: 515 g without battery
Here is a link of the frame assembly video:



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