Prowler - 2S, 2.5 inch Toothpick

By Shawn53 on Sep 16, 2020

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So I finally decided to build a toothpick after two of my whoops (Cinebee 75HD and Trashcan) have sat idled because the Cinebee has never flown great and I ended up using its Caddx Turtle HD camera on another build and I blew out the Crazybee AIO board in the Trashcan, replaced with BetaFPV board and since upgrade to BF4.1 never has flown great. So it was time to repurpose. I used the Succex Micro F4 stack, 1103 BeeMotors and R-XSR receiver from the Cinebee, and the Caddx EOS2 camera and canopy from the Trashcan. For the frame, I found this $14 AlfaRC 100mm frame with 3mm thick bottom plate on Banggood which accomodates 20x20, 16x16 and AIO boards. It comes with 2 options for the canopy to accomodate a micro or nano camera. I ended up not using the canopy because it was very brittle and wouldnt fit over my stack without breaking so I ended up using the Trashcan canopy which frankly I prefer with the adjustable camera angle. I had the 22mm standoffs from the Cinebee frame which were perfect to raise the canopy over the stack enough to fit the receiver. It also puts the camera above the props. I couldnt be happier with how fast and maneuverable this little beast is and it is very durable even after a few crashes. It's running BF 4.1.5, with the rpm filtering and I'm using the Tattu 2S 450mAh batteries which give me 3-4 minutes of aggressive flight time. The drone weighs 53g and AUW with the battery is 81g. I do plan on replacing the EOS2 camera with the Xilo Mutant Nano camera as the picture from this is very dark and I believe its going bad. It's named the Prowler because it reminds me of a Bengal tiger with the orange canopy and props. In the future, I'm thinking of having a custom canopy made that has more of a tiger look. Once I get the new camera, I will post some video.



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