TBS Slammed Source One

By Ikuiku on Sep 18, 2020

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Wanted to make a lower kv 4s build after flying one of my friends 5s quad on 4s. It felt like flying the origial 2.5in toothpick on 4s, where you can just hammer the trottle while still in full controll. Unfortuanlty I faild to achive that feeling with this quad. The 5s quad I flew was running a 2208 2150kv motor so I figured 2207.5 2222kv should be in the same ballpark, but I think these Hyperlite motors are more in the 2300kv range. It may not be the 5in I was intending to build, but I am enjoying its flight characteristics and having fun.

Using 20mm Standoffs

9/18/20 Running BF 4.2.2 with Cinematic presets and bidirectional dshot and there is barely any prop wash.



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Vishera   11 days ago  

Where did you get that cap mount? that would be perfect for my apex HD frame, tucked right behind the camera!

Ikuiku   11 days ago 

I just uploaded it to Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4621231 I've been meaning to put it on my Apex HD frame also, but I've been lazy.

Jodie Froster   Sep 20, 2020  

Build looks great, especially your wiring for the driveline! The way you handled the battery lead/cap mounting is exceptional!
Bummed you didn't get what you wanted, maybe lower your max throttle to 80%?
How did you get those threaded inserts into the rear 20x20 mount?

Ikuiku   Sep 20, 2020 

Thanks! I have a wiring OCD problem lol. Thats a good idea, I should cap the throttle a bit. I pressed them in with a pair of pliers then I used washer and a screw on the other end to tighten them flush with the frame. I got the idea from when I was building my Apex HD http://apex-docs.impulserc.com/ "Look at step 3"

Impavidus   Sep 19, 2020  

I've been looking to redo my source frame. do you have a link to the 3d prints? how tall are your knurled standoffs? thank you. beautiful build!

Ikuiku   Sep 19, 2020 

I remixed a the caddx vista antenna mount, xt60 and capacitor holder. If you want those parts I can upload them to thingiverse. The standoffs are 20mm.

Camera https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4074601
Wire Cover Protector https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4255685
Immortal T Mount https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2964713

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