Sparrow Knight R220

By RotorQuad Squad on Sep 19, 2020

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Top end sparrow build from some spare parts I had laying around. I took the time to design custom clips, mounts, and blocks to neatly organize everything and make it as clean as possible.



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Crafted Kwads   7 days ago  

That curved design is sick... nice break from the regular ol' flat body frames!

Spairow   28 days ago  

Loving the style and design of this one.

RotorQuad Squad   22 days ago 

Thank you!

saahbs   22 days ago  

Awesome frame and build.

So... what battery do you use? what is the final weight and how long are your fast acro flights?

RotorQuad Squad   22 days ago 

Im using a nano-tech 4s 1300mah. not sure what the weight is cause my wife broke my scale.... but I get 3:30-4:00 of fairly moderate acro. 5 easy if Im just cruising around. These motors are unbelievably efficient compared to most of the rest of my fleet.

Knockout3DFPV   Sep 21, 2020  

Really trippy frame, sick build!

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