WarPig 3

By quad66 on Sep 20, 2020

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Version 3 of the WarPig frame gets the full set of 4 holes (instead of the just the front and back) for mounting the board in the diamond whoop layout. Yes, I totally caved as its clear that nobody seems to want to make a regular square layout in these AIO boards (zeus board doesn't count since it is so friggin big). It still built up fairly clean versus the square orientation and weight gain is minimal. It does also give the option of building it whoopster style with whoop canopies if you don't feel like building the zip-tie canopy.

For this version 3 build I decided to go 3S since the Flywoo 1202.5s don't have anything in the 2S 8000kv range.

Video to come soon.



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yohfpv   30 days ago  

Hey Quad66, I thought of you when I came across a square mount AIO FC by JHEMCU on Banggood. Check it out. It might be useful for one of your build ideas.

saahbs   Sep 21, 2020  

Nice build! but your description is missing two pieces of critical info. Weights and flight times :)

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