Weemix Xplora digital

By daich on Sep 24, 2020

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gone digital. Still the same v1 prototype frame.
dji builds are incredibly simple when you run the goggles and the controller! No rx or vtx to connect. just 12 motor wires and 6 wires between vista and FC (you can get by with 5). One antenna to mount.
On this iteration I'm trying out lower kv and 3s-4s hoping the mid-throttle wobbles will go away.

25th September 2020
Got a couple packs in and what a ride! Flying in HD is something else! not used to the 16:9 ratio and also going from the V2 Dominators, the field of view is a bit overwhelming. Pleasantly surprised with how the xplora is flying, superb! Still need to tune out some propwash but that dreaded mid throttle oscillation in the last two iteratios of this frame are gone!

26th September 2020
A bit more tuning, less propwash now...flying great! really enjoying this now. Having the OSD data as subtitle (SRT) files is AWESOME. Just enable closed captioning in youtube (hit "C" key) and you can turn on OSD. Technically, crossfire can do this too as it is getting all the telemetry data as well!

06th October 2020
found a cool spot to fly. this time 4s and man, it's perfect now. 650mah 4s flies for over 5 minutes! (this video is 2 packs)

11th October 2020
Trying out HQ Prop HeadsUp Tiny prop 3x1.8x3 props
They look identical to the HQ 3x1.5x3, i'm guessing with slightly more pitch.

17th October 2020
Trying out the Emax Avan Scimitar 3.5" props!
It's a tight fit! Gotta be really careful with the cable management

18th October 2020
3 more packs. Set linear_thrust = 25 so see if it will reduce some mid throttle wobblies.



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virtual_stephen   19 days ago  

Any idea when the xplora will be available again? Riotorious fpv seems to be on a break and armattan don't stock this one.

daich   19 days ago 

this is an early prototype, only a few were cut. shortly the v2 came out
at the moment probably the only way to get this frame is to get it cut yourself. you'll have to hit up kwadkarl for the design.

daich   14 days ago 

rotoriousfpv is back online now

saahbs   27 days ago  

I really like the frame concept where electronics are below and battery even with motors. Does anyone make a lighter frame using this concept?

daich   27 days ago 

not in this size! although the original weemix is slightly smaller and lighter than this prototype. The ummagawd remix and the ostrich air nugget are the only other two frames that are similar to this (that I know of) but are 5" (the weemix is inspired by the remix, thus the name)

FlyingRabbit   25 days ago 

I recently rebuilded my Backpacker 2.5" frame in this configuration, and it does fly better (although I also upgraded firmware to run RPM filter). I haven't put it on rotorbuild yet, but check my blog if you want more details : https://www.flying-rabbit-fpv.com/2020/07/24/upside-down-backpackerhd-build/

daich   25 days ago 

that's really cool how you were able to flip the bulid and still keep the camera up top!

Whiffles   26 days ago  

Welcome to digital! Flying analog will never be the same.

daich   26 days ago 

sad but true

DenRotor   27 days ago  

You can flip ( Remix ) almost any frame.
Using the Remix style of configuration, you roll about the axis instead of rolling around the axis.
For Freestyle the Remix/ weemix style frame greatly increases your precision. S-turn flips over the tree shooting the gap are totally predictable, for example.
Frames that will work: Hyperbola, Pyro 3"/5", ImpluseRC Alien/ Reverb, Tadpole 2.5"/ 3"
Weemix is the future of Freestyle.

daich   27 days ago 

very true. although when purpose built it looks nicer. Karl the designer of the weemix also has some cool pieces to run the weemix traditionally and it looks pretty rad as well.
The one niggle that people don't like about the remix style is that more props are in view, for me it's a worthy compromise for the perfect flying quad
Below is a pic of the weemix flipped around for a traditional top mount build

Vitalii   27 days ago  

Looks nice. Is it 4 inch or 3 inch? Looks like 3inch

daich   27 days ago 

3 inch

Jodie Froster   28 days ago  

Is that a runcam eagle housing on your nebula cam?

daich   28 days ago 

eachine's version of the micro nebula is red and the lens is 1.66mm
the only two differences i know between caddx's micro nebula is that it is either black or grey and the lens is 2.1mm
The 1.66mm lens is heavy though, making it about the same as the original vista camera...and then it's only 60fps vs 120fps. I learned all this after I received it haha. Hopefully the wide FOV will make it worth my while.

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