krunked Rebel Ruxus 7inch

By Krunked on Sep 23, 2020

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ditched the XL7 becuase its garbage (krunked fuzion ripper).. and went with this chonky boi the Ruxus by REBEL!!

This build is suppppper tight.. i had to cut the stack screws down to use some anti-vibration standoffs. this is a 20x20 stack and evidently it being sooo tight on the stack screws (meant for m2) that it was cuasing some serious yaw problems on gyro. so this was my soltuion..

the vtx is honestly just VHB'd to the top of the FC as loosley as i can, but also is secured well enuf with the vhb that it doesnt slap the FC, etc. and is isolated from shorting anything on the fc.

this gopro mount is really nice. cool design.

10mm arms is frickin insane.. love this frame so far.. glad i swapped everything out.



Sign in to comment   20 days ago  

Is this 7in frame configuration a true x or a stretch X ?

Krunked   20 days ago 

7inch true X

AlvaSpeed   28 days ago  

I have a Ruxus 7". excelent frame.....HW60 stack, Racerstar 2514 1498kv, Racer 3 cam, Eachine 800mw, HQ props, 1300mH 6s chln.
Hey Krunked, I will be waiting for your video....

Krunked   28 days ago 

nice! yeah this is lower kv at 1300kv, but its still plenty fast! ill get some videos up of it soon!

DrewFPV   28 days ago  

Pretty cool looking! How much does it weigh?

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