Arduplane ZOHD Drift

By cjdavies on Sep 28, 2020

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The fourth plane I've built in my quest to break into fixed wing after 5-6 years of flying multirotors & the first one that has just clicked with me.

Default Arduplane P gains are way too aggressive for such a small/light plane, I had to half them for it to fly well enough to start the autotune procedure.

Arduplane config -

Flight time on its first outing with a 2S 3000mAh 18650 was 46 minutes.



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drmrdude   27 days ago  

Did you make it under 250g?

cjdavies   27 days ago 

It's only possible to do under 250g with this plane if you use small LiPo packs. I wanted to use 18650 packs instead, for much longer flight times, so I didn't really bother trying to keep the weight down. Dry weight is 200g then a 2S 18650 pack & some tail weight to balance on the CG properly takes it up to 310-320g.

drmrdude   26 days ago 

Thanks, I’m considering the Drift for a build as well. Any chance you weighed the plane before FPV equipment? I got a spreadsheet going with component weight and I’m trying to see how much budget I have left for battery.

Great cover photo by the way!

cjdavies   25 days ago 

I didn't weigh it beforehand, but several sources online say it's 162g which sounds realistic.

sfonkter   26 days ago  

I loved this plane until I took it to a stupid location and smashed it into some invisible power lines above a RIVER. Swam out and managed to recover everything except the GPS which must have ejected. Haven't gotten around to fixing it up yet, but I really should because it really was such a joy.

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