72g 3" Naked Vista HD Quad Fly's like a 5"

By Sub 250g FPV on Sep 28, 2020

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@Flex RC Ninja X HD Frame (Sponsored)

Here is my New 3” 72g Dry Weight Digital HD Quad with a Naked @caddx.fpv Vista Nebula V2

It’s AUW is 99g with a GNB 2s 520mAh

How can a 99g AUW 3" Quad fly like a 5"

Choose the 8000kv 1204 Flywoo ROBO Motors for a 2s Battery and I found setting the Throttle Limit around 72% worked best.

More pictures and details will be added here :- https://www.instagram.com/sub250gfpv/

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Warrono   18 days ago  

How do the sides of that frame stay attatch to the carbon? Are they screwed on?

Warrono   17 days ago 

oh cool, one last question. What is the height of that stack with the naked vista?

daich   17 days ago  

You inspired my new build, thanks for your pioneering! This build is like my digital weemix flipped upside down except I'm running 2.5" and 1103

Sub 250g FPV   17 days ago 

Your Welcome πŸ˜‰ I love your upside down weexix build, very original πŸ˜πŸ‘

saahbs   23 days ago  

Nice light build! How do you actually mount the lipo? (don't believe you zip tie it every time :) What is the flight time with that 2s520?

Sub 250g FPV   23 days ago 

Its a concept build so after a 4 Minute flight I then have to charge the battery on the Quad in situ ;-) . Now I know that this configuration fly's so well I'll redesign it so I can hot swap batteries.

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