By Silver Surfer FPV on Oct 01, 2020

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Added some spare drone parts (FC, motors, camera, VTX, props) to a used Air Hogs Millennium Falcon XL drone frame I got on ebay. I saw these large iconic toy drones a few years ago but their hefty (>$300+) price was a deal killer. They had a smaller version too but the cockpit didn't have Han Solo and Chewie in it. I took the stock FC, motors, geared props, and 2S lipo out, replaced all the removed bits, keeping the motor arms to use as supports/guides for the CF motor arms and reconnected the stock lights to the 5v on the FC. I did some short test flights outside and had to tune the FC in betaflight to reduce the vibrations and random dips. I got most of it tuned out at the low end but still got some left on the high end to tune out.

Took the Falcon out for a longer FPV flight out in the field and it flies pretty good for its size but it is sensitive to the wind. I also noticed that the core temp was going up during this longer flight so I think I'm going to need to open some more vent holes and get some air circulating around the FC. Going to leave it at horizon mode until I can get it tuned better before I try to do some rolls and power loops with her.

Falcon Stage 1 mods completed - FPV Camera Caddx Ant, props to 6030s, battery moved to the rear.

Falcon Stage 2 next - 6s FC, motors and DJIFPV camera...



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Silver Surfer FPV   19 days ago  

Stage One mods completed - Props changed to 6030s, FVP Camera Caddx Ant, 4S Battery 1300mah moved more to the rear for better CG. Going to start getting parts for Stage Two mods - 6s FC, motors, battery (1000mah), Caddx Nebula

soothcoder   21 days ago  

why isn't the camera inside the cockpit?

Silver Surfer FPV   21 days ago 

Future mod after I get it a little more tuned in. Right now the cockpit lights up inside with a stock LED, can't see it in the sun but when its dark you can see the inside the cockpit.

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