By Jimmy2Fast4U on Oct 07, 2020

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3" 3s is what I fly all the time, so I wanted this design to be perfect, Following the pricipals learnt from the 65mm version, I have gradually refined this Optimo-3 design over the last year, the latest V1.3 is as close to perfect as I think I can get? Using this frame it is possible to build a 3" with 1204 or 1303 weighing around 50g + depending on parts used, the build is strong and reliable but as lightweight as possible. I use Nylon screws for FC, Aluminium screws for Frame, Titanium screws for motors/Props.



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BenScord   Mar 22, 2021  

Where can i buy that frame? it is so sickkkk!

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Jimmy2Fast4U   Mar 28, 2021 

hi Ben, where are you based?

BenScord   Mar 28, 2021 

text me at 8059144401

Jimmy2Fast4U   Mar 30, 2021 

hi Ben, I'm from UK.
I'm guessing you're in the states but I don't know a dial code for your number?

Nikotttin   Oct 11, 2020  

Very nice design!
If you use a cam with a longer lens, would it remain protected?
And can you please show a bottom plate? I'd like to see how you attach the vertical braces 😇

Turban   Oct 08, 2020  

Hi, I really like your design :) Is it opensource or are you selling it somewhere? I'm currently flying my TP65 with 3d printed canopy and the canopy is what I don't like. So for my next build which will be definitely 3 inch I'm looking for frame made completely from Carbon. I found AIRBLADE EX ULTRALIGHT, but it is bit expensive to send it to Europe.

Jimmy2Fast4U   Oct 08, 2020 

Hi, where are you based? and how/where would you get a frame cut? I get mine cut from CNC madness (canada) and sent to UK, CNC-Mad are quite well priced for what they do, but it still works out more expensive than buying something ready made which is more mass produced. I've had to source the stand offs and various lightweight screws, custom stuff gets pricey. Originally I was using 12A 25.5mm x 25.5mm whoop boards, but my latest version is slightly bigger to fit the larger 26.5 x 26.5mm boards with side USB. I have a couple of the older frames on eBay which only fit the older style FC, otherwise if I get anymore of the newer one made I'll message you before hand? but not planning to order more in the near future as I've only recently got my stock

Turban   Oct 08, 2020 

Thanks for reply :) Friend of mine has CNC mill so he cut few frames for me. Are you willing to share STL or STEP files?

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