HX100 SE with Improvements

By Lincoln on Oct 08, 2020

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Started as a BetaFPV HX100 SE.

Was dropping out of the sky after punchouts so I replaced all connectors with XT30U connectors, HUGE improvement in both power and flight time. Small weight penalty but totally worth it.

The video signal sucked because the VTX antenna stuck straight out the back which is less than optimal positioning. So I replaced the canopy with a NewBeeDrone canopy and repositioned the VTX antenna to stick up. Stuck the VTX to the back of the camera with loom bands.

Now it was flying better, longer, with better video reception, but the FPV cam sucked, so I replaced it with a Caddx Ant Lite, which fits right into the NewBeeDrone canopy and provides a MUCH improved picture.

Only other mod is the battery strap has been replaced with a 3d printed part and loom bands, which are lighter than the original strap and hold the battery better.

The finished build weighs in at 28 grams and checks all the boxes for me. Great flight time, cheap batteries (using 300mah 1S GNB), great camera, handles like a dream (using Emuflight). Perfect little front-yard flier that doesn't piss off the neighbors.



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Nikotttin   11 days ago  

Oooh! I have similar issues with mine. Upon punchouts the F**** board de-syncs and the quad falls from the sky. BetaFPV replaced the FC once... But the second shows similar behaviour! I actually just bought a

Nikotttin   11 days ago 

... A mobula6 FC to replace it. Any clue why the de-sync?

Lincoln   11 days ago 

I tried tons of settings to figure out what was going on and it only resolved when I changed the connector to an xt30. My guess is that the connector can't supply enough current during punches and the voltage drops too low. Since I changed to xt30s I haven't had that issue at all, not even once.

Nikotttin   10 days ago 

I'm gonna try that asap!
The FC is indeed super sensitive to V drops. Mine would reboot at 3.3v. This said the ultralight feel is awesome and unlike any other builds 😁

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