David C Micro Long Ranger

By Davidpe on Oct 09, 2020

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A never-ending pursuit of the perfect micro-build took a turn with the new DJI Caddx Vista. My daily drivers for the last few years have been toothpick like builds in both 65mm and 3" formats. Honestly, I was spoiled when I purchased my DJI FPV goggles and built my first HD capable sub 250g aircraft. The choice for my first HD build was the David Cle'don Micro Long Range. I pulled the files from Thingiverse and had Nick Hepner at CNCmadness cut the frame with chamfered edges and a kit of premium hardware. The cut was beautiful and arrived roughly a week after placing the order. Needless to say, I was blown away with the frame and the ability to finally realize an HD fpv feed!

The build was challenging in that it was tight and I had some issues with the original 16x16 flywoo F4 stack. I ended up ditching the F4 FC and purchased the Flywoo F7 20x20 FC and married that to the 16x16 ESC. The mounting pattern on the frame was 20x20 so I had print an adapter to go from 20x20 frame to 16x16 ESC to 20x20 F7 FC. It was a long road figuring out the pinout on the FC and ESC (thanks Flywoo service) but eventually I got it wired.

I'm using GNB 1100mah 3S batteries that get about 8-10 minutes of cruising time and I've taken it out 3.5km without issue. I've had well over 100 flights and only had one issue where the battery sagged and had to do an emergency landing. Fortunatly 100m away.

Bottom Line: This thing is a dream to fly and I find myself just cruising around looking at the scenery! So fun.



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9volt   2 days ago  

Beautiful soldering

Davidpe   2 days ago 

Thank you!

9volt   1 day ago 

I just recently built the analog version and the wiring is a bird's nest compared to yours.

Davidpe   1 day ago 

Ha! That might be the case but I bet you get in the air quicker than I do. I can be a little slow with my builds

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