RX3020 props, best use

By matthew saigon on Oct 11, 2020

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10/12/20 update: i put PID below. it's ok. if you're not recording videos then it's flyable.

i think i've found the best use for RX3020.
there are a few reasons for it.
RX3020 are fragile, the heavier the setup the easier for those props to explode.
i've tried them with 1103 which can handle these props better. but because props got destroyed so easy, so i stopped using these props with 1103 motors.
i've also tried 2s 1102. but in order to use 2s i have to add 10grams to all-up-weight which is 25% more weight. it still flies fine but i don't thing it's worth it.
if you think of trying bigger motors, don't bother. it's not worth it. and also 0802 motors with these props are not worth it.

one more thing. if they stop using the old plastic that would be great. same weight but more durable.

check out the speed it's running in the video and i already clipped the throttle at 70%.
it's fast for 1s and it's faster than many 2.5in setups
i can power-loop over my house, over and over if i want to

the build:
26grams dry
Geprc 1102 14000kv or betafpv 1102 13500kv
props: RX3020
frame: Alexandre Arvinte's PicklePick frame ( 3 holes mount )
board: Crazybee lite 1s build-in VTX and RX
cam: Runcam nano 3 with old lens ( they don't sell it anymore )

PID tune:
betaflight 4.1 or 4.2
R: 86, 83, 61 ff: 150
P: 91, 85, 63 ff: 150
Y: 71, 76, 0 ff: 150
No D_min
PTA: 0.35 breakpoint: 1400



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alwaysbless   5 days ago  

26 grams? How lol. Neat build I havent seen a 3 hole 3" frame like this before how much does yours way and is it the stock 3mm thickness?

matthew saigon   4 days ago 

in part list i have a link to thingiverse. you download that file and send it to your cnc to cut and you have to tell them how thick you want it. cncmadness is the place to cut in America and Canada.
And i have it cut with 1.5mm, it's flexable but the setup is so light, it doesn't break. but you would need a good tune for it. 2mm is only 1 gram more so it's not too bad.
To get 26g i taped down everything, board to frame, camera holder to the board. electric tape to hold down camera holder and board to the frame and hold them all in place.
In part list, i put links there so you have all the things that you would need to have this build.
frame: 4g
board: 4g
motors: 14g ( wires and screws included )
camera holder: 0.5g
props: 2g
and rubber bands and tapes. ( use Wall Foam Tapes and Foam Tapes under the board. )
it's hard to figure it out, but once you do it'd be easy to repeat the process.

matthew saigon   4 days ago 

i don't build quads looking good to impress people.
the actual weight is 25g. i just reduced it. but i just don't care enough to tell people.
wouldn't it be fun to figure out how i did it ?

Jodie Froster   11 days ago  

Impressive 1s performance

galvin   10 days ago 

Yes! cookie clicker

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