Mini Long Range 5" "grasshopper"

By M490fpv on Oct 11, 2020

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I saw this very nice light weight frame on Dave_C_fpv's YouTube channel and had to build it right away.
This design is very nice and all parts are available on Dave_C's thingiverse designs for free!

I had the carbon parts cutted on AHLTech (DE) and ordered the bicycle nuts from eBay (the ones that attach arms to main body).
I remixed Dave's cam mount to have the Immortal-T antenna mount on front and also made new lipo pad. All parts were printed of Recreus Filaflex tpu 95A.

Mini Long Range is not intended to be sub 250g build with Vista, but you can do under 250g with analog fpv system and lightweight motors. I went with the same motors Dave uses on his build, the Brotherhobby VY 2004 1950kv's. You can use 6S lipos in freestyle type of flying and 4S Li-ion batteries in LR cruising.
My build weights now 204g without Insta 360 go camera and lipo.


Part List


The #MiniLongRange - 5" Ultralight FPV [Beta Version] by Dave_C_FPV
See Site

Flight Controller

Diatone STACK MAMBA F722DJI MINI F-35 3-6S


4 x Moteur BrotherHobby VY 2004 1950kv Ultralite


GEMFAN SL5125 3-Blade - 5mm/ 1.5mm Shaft

FPV Transmitter

Caddx Vista HD System (13 builds)


TBS Crossfire Nano RX (SE) (360 builds)

Misc Parts

TBS M8 GPS Glonass
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yves1984   19 hours ago  

Was hat es gekostet das Frame zu fräsen bei AHLTech (DE)?
habe evt auch bock einen solchen 5" zu bauen :-D

M490fpv   17 hours ago 

Sorry can you ask in English? I don't speak German.

yves1984   3 hours ago 

ohh yes sorry. what did the frame cost at AHLTech (DE).

M490fpv   2 hours ago 

38€/frame + shipping. I ordered 2 frames.

Nikolaskk   7 days ago  


rodobre   7 days ago  

Cool work. I like the color.

Whiffles   9 days ago  

Looks great! How does it fly and what sort of flight times do you get?

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