Mini Long Range 5" "grasshopper"

By M490fpv on Oct 11, 2020

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I saw this very nice light weight frame on Dave_C_fpv's YouTube channel and had to build it right away.
This design is very nice and all parts are available on Dave_C's thingiverse designs for free!

The parts, i remixed to this build (battery pad, cam cage and Insta 360 go mount) are here:

I had the carbon parts cutted on AHLTech (DE) and ordered the bicycle nuts from eBay (the ones that attach arms to main body).
I remixed Dave's cam mount to have the Immortal-T antenna mount on front and also made new lipo pad. All parts were printed of Recreus Filaflex tpu 95A.

Mini Long Range is not intended to be sub 250g build with Vista, but you can do under 250g with analog fpv system and lightweight motors. I went with the same motors Dave uses on his build, the Brotherhobby VY 2004 1950kv's. You can use 6S lipos in freestyle type of flying and 4S Li-ion batteries in LR cruising.
My build weights now 204g without Insta 360 go camera and lipo.


Part List


The #MiniLongRange - 5" Ultralight FPV [Beta Version] by Dave_C_FPV (7 builds)
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Flight Controller

Diatone STACK MAMBA F722DJI MINI F-35 3-6S (4 builds)
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4 x Moteur BrotherHobby VY 2004 1950kv Ultralite (5 builds)
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GEMFAN SL5125 3-Blade - 5mm/ 1.5mm Shaft (4 builds)
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FPV Camera

Accueil (201 builds)
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TBS Crossfire Nano RX (SE) (412 builds)
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Misc Parts

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AmiyrA   Mar 11, 2021  

what battery are you using for your build. i am planning on using the same specs but not sure what battery to use.

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AmiyrA   Mar 18, 2021 

also how far are you able to fly

M490fpv   Mar 18, 2021 

this bird flies about 15 mins with 1050mah, so you can go as far you get the video signal. if you use crossfire with bigger power mod, the dji video is first to drop. I have not pushed these quads to limits, so i cannot answer you precise.

AmiyrA   Mar 18, 2021 

ok yea im flying analog so i guess however far i can get with that thanks im ordering the parts in a few weeks

QuadNut   Jan 19, 2021  

Another question sir. Any tips on printing the cam pod? Ive not printed anything so complex in TPU on my PrusaMk3s. It will need supports but I imagine a pita to remove.

M490fpv   Jan 19, 2021 

yes use supports and just be careful removing 👍

QuadNut   Jan 09, 2021  

Finished my build plus DIY battery. Little rusty on my soldering and wire management, hope to improve on my next build, the Bando Bastard.
I wonder if you might have some advice on a radio problem. I've been troubleshooting with Flywoo and TBS, no solution yet.
In a nutshell, I have no sticks in Betaflight. I have a five year old Taranis X9D+ current fw, full size, new, TBS Crossfire module, current fw TBS Nano. The Nano binds with the tx no problem. Nano is connected to Flywoo F722 correctly, verified by Flywoo and others. 3.1 volts measured on the UART pads. correct UART is selected in BF ports. No sticks.

Since I'll be building more quads I purchased another Nano and Goku FC. No sticks.

Me, Flywoo and TBS are mystified.

M490fpv   Jan 10, 2021 

I have no other suggestion, but try to switch tx/rx wires the other way around. Nano tx should go to FC rx and Nano rx should go to fc tx.
This happens to me sometimes, wires are in wrong order and Betaflight won't recognize the CRSF.
I use 5V pad on my builds, but i don't know if 3V input should be the problem...

QuadNut   Dec 28, 2020  

Mind advising how to mount the TBS Nano? Pretty cool frame, graduated from delrin to CF.

M490fpv   Dec 29, 2020 

I have installed it on top of fc, or behind the camera. There is not any natural place to put it.

QuadNut   Dec 16, 2020  

Been away from the fun for awhile, out of touch. Whats the big cap for on the battery connector? Noise reduction?

I've cut the frame from 5mm delrin, decks from 3mm on my CNC. Using double chainring connector, just needed to cut 1.25 reliefs in the decks.
Amazed how the quad world has changed over the past 5 years.

Beautiful build btw, thanks for posting all the pics. Waiting for parts to complete my build.

M490fpv   Dec 17, 2020 

Welcome back!
Yes, cap is to reduce the esc noise. All manufacturers add 470-1000 35V micro farad cap to their product package these days. It can be attached straight to esc power pads or XT60 end, as i do (to have more space inside frame).
This cap helps more on analog fpv to clear the fpv feed, but i have added the cap to all digital builds as well.
You won't be disappointed with this frame concept. It flies amazing!! :)

NikolayPopov   Oct 25, 2020  

A very interesting project. I now have a 4 "quadcopter, weighing as much as your 5". I am using a quadcopter with a gopro 6 camera (not naked). 6-7 minutes of smooth flight with 1000mA battery.I think a 5 inch quadcopter will fly longer

M490fpv   Oct 25, 2020 

thank you! please check Dave_c_fpv's YouTube video comparing this 5" and 3" quad. He ran this quad with 4S 3000mah li-ion cell about 23 mins.

M490fpv   Oct 25, 2020 

DadFPV   Oct 23, 2020  

Your build looks great! I like the green color and the modified battery pad. I just received my frame and am looking forward to building it soon. Would you happen to have a link to the Insta360 mount/case you printed?

M490fpv   Oct 23, 2020 

Thanks for your feedback! I edited the description to add the thingiverse link to the parts, i've remixed.

DadFPV   Oct 23, 2020 

That's great -- thanks!

Whiffles   Oct 13, 2020  

Looks great! How does it fly and what sort of flight times do you get?

M490fpv   Oct 23, 2020 

Thank you for the feedback! :)
Unfortunately no stick time yet, it rains every time in Finland when i have free time from work :(

yves1984   Oct 21, 2020  

Was hat es gekostet das Frame zu fräsen bei AHLTech (DE)?
habe evt auch bock einen solchen 5" zu bauen :-D

M490fpv   Oct 21, 2020 

Sorry can you ask in English? I don't speak German.

yves1984   Oct 22, 2020 

ohh yes sorry. what did the frame cost at AHLTech (DE).

M490fpv   Oct 22, 2020 

38€/frame + shipping. I ordered 2 frames.

Nikolaskk   Oct 15, 2020  


rodobre   Oct 15, 2020  

Cool work. I like the color.

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