FPVcycle Fouride 4"

By Davidpe on Oct 11, 2020

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I've been a big fan of Bob Roogi and his Toothpick designs. I was excited to try his new Fouride 4" frame that was purpose-built for the HD Vista. It's a top riding battery design that has that takes advantage of some of the latest AIO flights controllers. For this build I wanted a relatively small aircraft to be used with both 3S/ 4S 1100mah batteries. I was looking for a freestyle build that was light but also had enough weight to throw around.

Bob Roogi worked with Stan FPV on a 2203/ 3450 T-Mount motor that was perfect for this build. Overall the parts list is pretty minimal when using the Vista setup.

The only challenge I had with the build was tuning the JHEMCU AIO board. It's a noisy board and required a big cap to take care of voltage spikes. The Vista setup also benefits from the cap.



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