By QUADLIKE FPV on Oct 12, 2020

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This is a build that i used a combination of two frames and some custom parts to complete. The base frame is from HGLRC ARROW 3" but used X-Night 5" arms. It flys amazing. Pretty low weight for 5" have a couple that are lighter but i really love the way this flys. My Twig ET-5 weighs only 175grams and has a totally different flight characteristics, very floaty. This thing is just flat out fast and direct. Goes exactly where i want it to where the lighter twig tends to over shoot where im expecting it to go. Dont get me wrong i love my ET-5 but this machine is much easier to fly fast and hit my lines with which i wasn't really expecting since its kind of a Frankenstein of a build. But it turned out great imo. Also if your looking for a reliable and powerful whoop aio board this HIFIONRC F7 45AMP Board has been bullet proof. I have had at least 3 very hard crashes and its still working perfectly. It is definitely the best whoop style aio that i have used to date and i have tryed pretty much all of them except geprc 20amp. I also highly recommend the JHEMCU GHF411 AIO PRO 35AMP 3-6S BOARD. Havent had one of those fail me yet and i have 5 of them. Thanks and hope that maybe this build might inspire someone else to build something off the wall or not the norm. Happy Ripping.**



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