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By matthew saigon on Oct 13, 2020

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well, people call 180g AUW 1404 4in setups ultralight. so i call this 83g AUW 4" SuperLite hahaha
This is the first of its kind, i'm sure in a short future something better will come along, like better motors for it.

someone might ask, why not 1404 motors for 4in or even bigger motors. they would be more powerful.
yes they are more powerful.
but for example, 1404 setup is usually around 100g + 80g batt = 180g AUW.
and this one is 83g AUW and a lot lighter and quieter.

Overall it flies pretty good.
It has good power and very quiet.
This build is not for those who like their quads powerful and heavy. you can't throw this. it's too light.
This build is for someone who don't like noisy quads. this setup is prefect for you. it's very quiet.

important for newbies: camera angle needs to be around 35 degree. 20-25 degree would make the quad feel very floaty.

Note: my yard is too small for this quad. but i show you the video anyway.

build list:
weight: 52g + 31g 2s 650mah = 83g AUW
frame: Alexandre Arvinte is designing a frame for it. i'll leave a link when i have that file. ( Thank you, Alex! )
board: happymodel Crazybee V3 2-4s 10a AIO board
props: kingkong 3*8x3
motors: Apex 1303.6 5555kv

PID tune is in the picture. tune is ok, not great. a good starting point.
throttle cut: clipped at 90% ( don't scale it )

Same build but motors are now 1303.6 7777kv 2s.
throttle cut: scaled at 70% ( important: it's scale this time and not clip )
even when the throttle scaled at 70% it's still more powerful than with 5555kv, but also consume alot more energy.
650mah 2s is ok, but 800mah 2s might be better.

Note: you can't tell the different between the two by looking at videos. you can only tell the different when flying them.



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