Optimo-3 v1.3 Amax 1303 Performante

By Jimmy2Fast4U on Oct 15, 2020

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This frame is the latest and most refined version of my Optimo design.
It has the built in canopy which is super tough and durable, the camera mount also features degree markers for precise camera tilt angle, it uses square profile arms for maximum strength and optimal airflow, it uses my refined 2-bolt motor mount design and now has Countersunk flush fit FC screws.
I have refined the design to remove all unnecessary carbon for the lightest possible weight without compromising strength.
The frame uses Titanium screws for the motors and props, nylon screws for FC and Aluminium screws for the frame.

This build has a legitimate 12mm Battery strap, onboard DVR and it still weights a killer 55g Dry or 95.5g AUW with 3s 450 Battery
(TRUE no BS weight)

WEAPONS GRADE 3" Ultralight



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Jodie Froster   12 days ago  

The way the light plays on the metallic tape as it grips the motor wires matching the texture and color of the motor bells is amaz. On that note: wtf are these motors?!!?! I see the 1303, and assume the 5000 is the kv, I have never seen these anywhere before!
This is a beautifully refined design. You have done outstanding work here. I would totally build this frame if it was for sale (it would be hard to decide which size I would build).

Jimmy2Fast4U   11 days ago 

Thanks Jodie, the motors are new Amax motors that just recently came out, they are very lightweight compared to alternatives in that class

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