7 inch Source one CHEAP

By jpeterson on Oct 15, 2020

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Hi! before I tell you about my build, me and one of my friends are racing on instagram lol. I'll be posting some long range stuff on it pretty soon here, I'd really appreciate a follow!

This is my first long range drone, and I have learned a couple things. first, BUY A THICK FRAME. skinny frames will vibrate in ways you can't tune out. I know, they are light and look like a good idea, but it's not worth it. I am using the TBS source one. at 180 grams, thing is a beast. but no vibrations with an almost stock tune. also, don't overspend on motors. all the motors in the 2407 - 2806 range are so expensive. I bought these cheap ones, because the reality is that you won't be crashing this drone much. the motors don't take abuse, and if you do crash it, it's probably gonna be gone.

I am using a 5s2p 8000mah LIION pack that I built myself. My charger cant charge liion so I had to order another one, but the thing weighs a ton, and hopefully it performrs well. on a 1300 4s lipo for my 5 inch drone I got 3:20 flight with a gopro, so not bad.

feel free to leave a comment if you have any other questions about my build!



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Jodie Froster   13 days ago  

You gonna fly with your reciever danglin out the frame like that?

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