CrookedNeck V3 (pusher)

By BUDLoNG on Oct 15, 2020

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I hated the last camera i had on crookedNeckV2. Light transitions were horridous. I decided to rebuild and use a trusted runcam nano and came up with a more adjustable solution. I also added leds this time, but im still not able to get my resource remapping working. There is no LED strip pad on this FC, as far as I know. I am remapping to TX2 ( with no luck yet). It worked on my test betaFpv board, but not yet on this i-flight one.

I melted the plastic battery cover plate so the rubber bands dont move and pull out the motor wires. Still have to be careful though.
I had to cut the center strut out from the frame to allow the black ziptie to fit. I also had to resoldered new wires to the camera. After working on tiny pads, the camera connections seemed to have a lot of room :)
The nano to micro adapter comes with runcam nanos. It is meant to snugly hold the camera in a fixed position as you snap it in. I filed, sanded, and xacto'd the interior extrusions, so when i put the camera in backwards it can rotate freely. With the zip ties in there it still has about a 20 degrees of adjustability.

I can see now it needs to kind of top camera protection....
Im getting about 2m of flight time on somewhat used batteries. flys great and feels like a saucer :)
Now to resolve my led issue



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