My "Perfect" F7 Acrobrat!

By jpeterson on Oct 16, 2020

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I started an instagram a few months ago for my pictures (i am planning on adding some freestyle videos soon). if you enjoy my work I would really appreciate a follow! jpetersonfpv

Time to Join the BratPack! I wanted a sub 250g jello-free build that could fly in places I didn't want to bring my big 5 inch. I decided to go with the acrobrat frame because of the clean and dirty sections, and I couldn't be happier. It is on the heavier side, So if youre more concerned with crazy freestyle, choose a lighter frame. I built the rest of the quad around the frame. decided on 1408 motors, and I wanted the xing ones but they were out of stock and I didnt want to wait lol. ended up going with GepRC 1408 3750kv motors, and i'm super pleased with them. Even on 3s they still perform, although the hover throttle is about 30%. Although, they do use the same shaft as the bigger 22xx and 23xx motors, the ones that use an m5 nut? I think thats what they are called. And it might be smart to look for the motors meant for t props since I think you'll save a couple grams. 3x4x3 props worked best for me, on a tiny 550mah 3s lipo I was seeing flight times of about 2 minutes if I was going hard, or 3-3:30 with medium to light freestyle. 650 4s bumps that up into a more respectable 3-5 minute range depending on the flight.

For camera, I am just using a caddx Ratel i had laying around, beacause I really like the image. I want to upgrade to a tarsier soon, but Its been out of stock so the ratel is a placeholder.

This is my first real 3 inch quad that isn't like a little toothpick, and I love it. Everyone has heard people say "oh it flies just like a 5 inch" and sorry, it isn't true. They are different quads. But it flies pretty damn close. I actually prefer my acrobrat now more than my daily 5 inch. It's hard to place what it is. but its just so fun to fly. I 100% recommend to anyone seriously in the hobby to build your "perfect" micro drone because they are really a blast to fly.

weight as pictured - 187g

Advice to beginners:

  • DO NOT skip a smokestopper. Trust me. Don't do it. they are like 3 dollars and can save you hundreds of dollars in expensive electronics down the road.
  • Be conscience of where you fly bigger drones. lots of people out there dont like our hobby. If you can afford to have many drones, get lots of different ones for different situations.
  • Learn to build quads. When i was new, I was always scared to build a quad. I liked BNF because it was easy. if you learn to build quads, you can tailor it to exactly how you like and it is way more fun to fly.
  • Lastly, have fun with it! Building quads shouldn't be a chore, so don't make it one.

UPDATE: for fun, I hovered the quad on a 4s 650, which puts it at an even 260 grams, for as long as possible. It never gained more than a few feet on altitude, but I did kinda fly circles around my backyard cause hovering was boring lol. but i achieved over a 6 minute flight - 6:26 until it was at 3.6 per cell with the 3x3x3 props.



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