(41 Mins Sub 250g Flight) 4" Digital HD LR / FreeStyle Quad

By Sub 250g FPV on Oct 16, 2020

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If your looking to build a Sub 250g Analogue or Digital HD LR / FreeStyle Quad then this 4" should be your next build.

I've used a Caddx Vista Nebula V2 but I've removed the plates to save weight (Naked)

This 4" Quad can Cruise around for 41 Minutes with a Sony VTC6 3s 3000mAh Battery with an AUW of Sub 250g !!!! or use a Tattu 4s 450mAh Battery with an AUW of 152g and it becomes a Super Efficient FreeStyle Rocket giving me 6 Mins of FreeStyle Ripping.


The Only Downside to this Build is Props in Shot but when a Quad Fly's this good its a small price to pay.

Any Questions Just Ask ?



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Joshua_A   5 days ago  

WOW, what is your low voltage cutoff set to??

Sub 250g FPV   2 days ago 

Thanks ;-) 2.5v per cell so 7.5v total

Bob27   Dec 07, 2020  

wow, sub 250 with 3x 18650 is really impressive!

Sub 250g FPV   Dec 16, 2020 

Thanks Bob ;-)

SquishinStix   Nov 21, 2020  

w do you charge the homemade Li-Ion pack?

Sub 250g FPV   Nov 22, 2020 

The same way i charge a lipo battery , with an XT30 and Balance Lead

Nikotttin   Oct 28, 2020  

There is a deadcat vandal 4'' frame no?
I also love this frame. When my mutant dies, I'll switch to that one!

Sub 250g FPV   Nov 03, 2020 

Here's a video showing what this Quad can do with a 4s 450mAh :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YF7hBbL3jY&t=1s 6 Mins of pure Rippage

gukobayashi23   Oct 24, 2020  

pretty nice quad!
do you have the links to vtc6 batteries ?

Sub 250g FPV   Nov 03, 2020 

Just search for Sony VTC6 3000mAh

jdmkramer   Oct 19, 2020  

I love the use of zipties on the pack! Awesome setup!

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