Magic Smoke!

By techguy1623 on Nov 22, 2020

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Drag Drone! The "Magic Smoke" project is just an idea to make the fastest A to B drone on the planet. WISH ME LUCK -I'LL NEED IT!


Part List


iFlight Morgoth X5 Carbon Molded 5" Racing Frame Kit

Flight Controller

Lumenier LUX MINI F7 Flight Controller (8 builds)


T-Motor F55A Pro II F3 55A 3-6s BLHeli32 4-in-1 ESC w/ BEC - MCU F3 Version (2 builds)


4 x XING-E 2207 2-6S FPV Motor


BD5x4E-4-B4 | APC Propellers

FPV Camera


FPV Transmitter

TBS Unify Pro Nano 5G8 (94 builds)


FrSky - Lets you set the limits R9 Mini-OTA -
See Site


Tattu R-Line Version 3.0 1300mAh 22.2V 120C 6S1P Lipo Battery Pack with XT60 Plug (3 builds)
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madmax1962   1 day ago  

Love this quad! if i run a AIO is there room for a vista?

airrage   Dec 07, 2020  

Very clean build. however not even close to fastest A>B. I fly strictly LOS with simial builds but much lighter as I dont need cam/vtv/canopy etc. imagine the speeds I get.

techguy1623   22 days ago 

We should line them up zip-zip

skywalker209   Dec 17, 2020  

Nice rig. I noticed you put 4s motors on a 6s battery. How is the holding up any issues with dsyncs hot motors etc? can you share your beheli32 config. I see a 202mph that is very impressive. I like that phrase "Drag Drone" I'm building one now maybe we could line them up hehe.

techguy1623   Dec 17, 2020 

Hi Skywalker, Thanks for the flowers. We'll I finally seen the magic smoke, but it wasn't the motors. The battery went first. I crashed it in the sand so I just replaced all the motors with new ones. Then my goggles went out -gurrr. I'm trying to figure out how to launch horizontally with LC enable and get these high speeds over 100mph. Just seems it always goes fastest straight up.
-maybe when the air temp is lower like now I'll get this thing really going. I'll share the config when Its solid. -still testing just swapped the FC out to the lux f7 30x30

Kstone   Dec 04, 2020  

I've read that while the frame is pretty strong that the canopy cant take a hit. Whats your exp. with that thus far?

SIDE NOTE: guessing thats why the shark-fin is added?

techguy1623   Dec 04, 2020 

Well so good so far. The fin was added for stabilazation without the fin @ 150ish she would shake pretty bad. I'm thinking a fin on the bottom will serv it well -duno

Kstone   Dec 03, 2020  

Where did you source the antenna fin?

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