A second big baby x8... Crazy I know

By SlightlyScratchedCorolla on Oct 20, 2020

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This time I used 25mm standoffs (vs 30mm), 20x20 boards, and 14 vs 12 awg battery lead, hoping to make a lighter rig with lower cg. Wanted to use 1408 for little more top end, but did not find ideal ones, then I saw these black unibell micro Xings 1507 when I was browsing canola oil on Amazon, couldn't resist its boba-like cuteness.

The end result is only 5g lighter dry weight. I practically failed my goal. I didn't weigh these motors but they have to be the reason. I think it is worth trying get rid of the tpu landing gear, push the gopro to the middle and bottom mount the battery.

Maiden with a light 850mah pack, all jitters are my shaky fingers



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okeydokey   Dec 14, 2020  

I have all the parts and looking to start this build. I have a few questions if you don't mind, are you able to access all the motors and esc's on Bl-heli 32? Never done 8 before, have done 6 but they were old esc's, I think Simon K and just re-soldered the wires to change direction. Also any tips on betaflight or the build it's self would be appreciated. :-)

SlightlyScratchedCorolla   Dec 15, 2020 

Yessir BL32 works on all the motors and esc in this setup. And the build process overall is easier than it looks, use two 4-in-1 escs for simplicity, just a lot of soldering. As for BF settings, change quad x to octo x8 in the mixer scroll down menu and set up your motor rotations the rest is basically the same as configuring a quad.

f8f0   Oct 22, 2020  

"browsing for canola oil" - Not buying it.

Don't make excuses...I'm sure the wallet is crying out in pain...

Have you tried powering the GoPro off the LiPo yet? Saves a good bit of weight from what I've heard (I don't have one myself)

SlightlyScratchedCorolla   Oct 22, 2020 

In all fairness I did buy oil, just cheaper vegetable oil instead of canola, for the obvious reason.
Nope I have not tried powering the GoPro off the lipo, but I've heard good things about it. Thanks for the tip! I'm happy with how it flies on 6s 850mah but the fly time is around 2.5 minutes, I may do that in the future to use bigger batteries.

Jayembee67   Oct 21, 2020  

Goodness! And I thought that I had poor impulse control... ;-)

Strong work all round!!

SlightlyScratchedCorolla   Oct 21, 2020 

Turns out to be the difference of poor impulse control and ... NO impulse control.

K1R   Oct 21, 2020  

Swarm is growing! The next should be Shendrones Smol Baby :)

SlightlyScratchedCorolla   Oct 21, 2020 

Don't give me ideas... haha

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